Art to me is something that can help a person make something that is a piece of an artist. Feelings, thoughts, and actions go into each piece that is made. It can become an open door to the artist, a new topic for people that chat about, and a story that lives on through the ages. as an artist, I persevere myself  to make art that is a challenge to create, but also a piece that will make others see a different sight that they have never experienced before. 


Currently I am going to Indiana University Kokomo, Indiana to earn my NMAT (New Media Art and Technology) Degree to help me learn more about both the fine and graphic arts. I have been using new mediums that have pushed me to make more unique pieces using multiple mediums at the same time. I enjoy creating stories characters, and concepts in my mind and write down my ideas in a little notebook. 

Marlene R. Mickelson, MS CRA, Artist

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