If I were a dog I would be a Border Collie, as I am always doing something. You can leave lying around napping to the French Poodles. I have been a blacksmith, a grower of trees, and a soldier. I am too old for those things now so I paint.


I started painting in November, 2014. I wanted an old two man saw painted to hang in my bathroom which I was decorating at the time. I asked my mother-in-law if she would do it for me, as she is a talented artist. However, she said she was in the process of moving back to Peru, and did not have time. She suggested that I do it myself. I found an image on the internet of a Mormon wagon train heading west. It took me about four days to get it done and it turned out rather nice. My friends and family told me that I should try some other scenes- and I did.


I work with acrylic paint as oils take way too long to dry, and water colors seem rather soft for me. I paint in a corner of my kitchen where I have good northern light. However. I am usually painting around 3:00 A.M. Most of my works are done in three to six hours, a few highly detailed ones take two to three days. I average about 6 to 7 paintings a week. I paint a variety of subjects, from wildlife, cats and dogs to images of Christ, horses and young girls on horses. My walls quickly filled up and I started giving my art away.


Thankfully I started working with other local artist and gained support and confidence in my artistic endeavors. Now I have a studio and display in a developing Artisan Gallery in Peru (located at 20 North Broadway, Suite 1). Stop in to say "Hi" and see my work and perhaps purchase one or two.


Douglas Overmyer, Artist 2015

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Marlene R. Mickelson, MS CRA, Artist

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