I have been painting and drawing since early childhood. I am mostly self-taught with my only formal training coming in high school art class. My teacher and mentor was Mr.Phil (Charlie) Spear who helped expand my God given talents and he encouraged me to try various art mediums. Oil painting became my favorite medium and I love to use various oil painting techniques to express the beauty of God's creation. Early in my adult life I experimented with different wet-on-wet and palette knife techniques and even contemplated formal art school while stationed in England with the US Air Force. I painted several pieces as gifts for family and friends; however I soon discovered that oil paints and young children do not mix. So I packed up my palette and brushes for another day. 15 years later several things occurred around the same time to bring me back to my paints and canvases. First, I was reunited with my old mentor, Charlie Spear, and his passion for art began to instill in me the desire to begin painting again. Second, I was encouraged by my mother to paint in more of a folk style when she asked me to paint on things like old barn windows and saw blades. Then I heard a sermon from my pastor about using our talents or losing them. This was the final sign that I should begin painting seriously again. 


Since that time I've painted such things a vintage tractors on 9 inch saw blades using acrylics; and pheasants and old barns painted in oil on antique hand saws. I developed my folk art style by painting on such things as old milk cans, wood rounds, several different styles and sizes of saw blades and even a fiberglass tire cover. 


After joining the Community of Artist Co-Op, I was inspired to expand into different art mediums such as photography and computer art. I also refined my oil painting techniques. Although I still basically paint it in the Bob Ross wet-on-wet technique, I have learned to combine that with elements from Robert Wayland's seascapes and even some of Donna Dewberry's "One Stroke" method to form different effects on the same piece. Recently, I have been drawn to using a palette knife to develop more abstract and impressionist sytle to my paintings.


All of this led me to my vision statement for my art which is: "I want my art to bring glory to God and joy to others!"

Marlene R. Mickelson, MS CRA, Artist

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